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Picture ID Number Name Description Payment

 Computer stuff Image1054635MS DOS KermitComplete PC Communications software, Powerful terminal emulation, Efficient file transfer, Modem and network support. Version 3.14. Includes book, and 3.5 disk.

 Computer stuff Image1054641Norton Commander 3.0Version 3.0 includes 3.5 and 5.25 disks, the book, and the original box.

 Computer stuff Image1054643Procomm plusIntuitive communications software on 5.25 disks, in original box. No documentation is included.

 Computer stuff Image1054644Quatro Pro 2.0DOS Version of this popular spreadsheet program. Includes 5.25 disks, books, templates, and original box.

 Computer stuff Image1054645Microsoft Windows 3.1This software is on 5.25 disks, and includes the disks, book, and original box. The box is not in the best of condition.

 Computer stuff Image1054651Three CD'sMcaffee Virus Scan and WebScan, Alanna game, and Planet of the Apes game, all on CDs

 Computer stuff Image1054653Lotusa SmartSuitePopular Lotus Desktop solution which includes Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet for Windows, Lotus Approach database for Windows, Lotus Freelance Graphics, and Lotus Organizer. This includes the CD only, new and in original shrinkwrap.

 Computer stuff Image1054654Computer MicrophoneNew, and in original unopened package. Computer microphone for voice over internet applications. Includes monitor holster.

 Computer stuff Image1054656Norton Utilities 7Norton Utilities version 7. Includes book and 3.5 disks. There is no box included with this software

 Computer stuff Image1054657Old ModemOld very slow internal modem. Was working when taken out of the computer that it was in. This is an ISA card.

 Computer stuff Image1054658Old graphics cardOld parallel and com port card. Was working when taken out of the computer that it was in. This is an ISA card.

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